Barella, James

James Barella
Information and photos provided by D. J. Barella

James never spoke about his war service, always stating simply that he was in "The Navy".
Upon searching his service records his relatives discovered that he had served on Arctic Convoys, and were able to apply for his Arctic Star medal, which was awarded in 2017.
His first ship was HMS Broadwater, a Destroyer which was sunk by U-101 off Iceland 0n 18th October 1941. Luckily James was picked up.
Following this, James was assigned to the navy base in Aultbea, HMS Helicon. In August 1942 he was assigned to HMS Bermuda, on which he served until December 1945.

HMS Bermuda was a Crown Colony-Class Light Cruiser that took part in convoys JW-52, JW-54A, JW-54B, JW-56A, JW-56B, RA-51, RA-52,  RA-54B, and RA-56.

Below: A Royal Inspection of HMS Bermuda
Below Right: HMS Bermuda
Bottom: The Sunderland Echo, December 1940 (extract)

A Royal inspection of HMS Bermuda
HMS Bermuda

Left: This reamarkable newspaper article describes the war service of James and all his siblings.