Eckert, Leslie

Leslie Eckert
Leslie Eckert
Leslie Eckert with family

Information & photographs by Malcolm Eckert (son)

Leslie Eckert served aboard HMS Ulster Queen F118 (July 1941 – Jan 1943). During this period the Ulster Queen escorted PQ15 PQ18 QP12 and QP15.

Leslie’s son Malcolm has extensively researched his father’s naval career and has written a document about the Ulster Queen. It also contains information on various convoys & photographs of several ships including Mary Luckenbach, HMS Avenger, HMS Eskimo, HMS Wheatland, maps, layouts and diagrams.

Photo - Leslie Eckert (standing centre)                                        Photo - Leslie with family

Leslie Eckert
Leslie Eckert

Photo (far left) - HMS Ulster Queen

Photo (left) - Leslie Eckert

HMS Ulster Queen
HMS Ulster Queen - Malcolm Eckert

Photo (far left) - HMS Ulster Queen 1941

Photo (left) - Click to read about HMS Ulster Queen
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